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        TAIZHOU TONAX NEW MATERAIL CO.,LTD was founded in 2016, we began with outdoor fences and profiles. During years of development, TONAX always strived to be the preferred choice for attractive, durable, low-maintenance Fencing, Decking and Railing (FDR) products by combining quality control, R&D, after-sales service as an integrated system. Now our business has covered PVC and Aluminum FDR field, in addition we have introduced a complete line of accessories that can be used in the construction of FDR applications.

        Inspired by a visionary management team with a passion to provide high quality products and excellent service at competitive prices, our products own good reputation on North America, Australia, Asia markets. We believe TONAX’s name is known for it’s commitment to quality, safety and durability. It is also a reminder that we stand behind all of our products.

        Our Mission:
        Going beyond customers’ expectations, offering development opportunities for personal, affording responsibility for society
        Our Values:
        Integrity and Sharing
        Accuracy and Pragmatic 
        Initiative and High-efficiency
        Dedication and Innovation
        Our Vision:
        To be a worldwide leader in FDR (Fencing, Decking, Railing) field
        Our Objectives:
        Continues to pioneer technology advances, following the step of the developed countries closely, whose FDR area newest products, market and management.
        Always provide satisfied products and communication service for customer.
        Promote efficiency to realize top-ranking profit level.
        Conduct good training, and provide our staff with good growth prospects and treatment.